Mysore Coffee

Mysore Coffee

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Supplier's Description

The city of Mysore, located at the base of the Chamundi Hills in India, was first introduced to the world of coffee by the revered 17th century scholar, Baba Budan, who upon return from a pilgrimage to Mecca brought with him seven seeds from the port of Mocha, in Yemen, before planting them in Mysore's temperate mountains. The seeds flourished, and we have Baba Budan to thank today for the smooth and mild Mysore coffee. The sweet and delicate flavours of Mysore combine wonderfully with a medium acidity, which allows this bean, perhaps unsurprisingly, to blend perfectly with mocha coffee. The full-bodied Mysore is just the thing for a spot of indulgence at any time of the day, and all it takes is a few minutes in the cafetiere to be enjoying a wonderful, all-round great tasting brew.

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