Perk-U-Later Coffee

Perk-U-Later Coffee

  • £9.99
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Supplier's Description

It's almost the end of they day and all you need is a little boost to get you through that last tiny bit of work. That's where our strong Perk-U-Later blend can help. The blend's rich, smooth and fruity flavours are reminiscent of some of our favourite breakfast coffees, but the delicious chocolate and smokey tastes that gradually reveal themselves as you drink make Perk-U-Later a more complex and savoury choice, which is ideal for drinking later in the day. For a real burst of energy, try this blend as an espresso, but don't rule out filter coffees: the smooth fruit notes really lend Perk-U-Later to stronger, full-bodied lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos, which will keep you warm and comforted while you work.

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