Mocha Java Coffee

Mocha Java Coffee

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Supplier's Description

Possibly the world's most famous coffee blend, and certainly among the earliest of known blends, the celebrated Mocha Java is a combination of two distinct arabica beans from Indonesia and Yemen. The Mocha bean, taking its name from the port city that sits next to the Red Sea, is a smaller, rounder bean than many other varieties. It is suggested that the first European to sample Mocha was the Spanish Jesuit missionary, Pedro Páez Jaramillo, who encountered the unique coffee during his time in Yemen. The Java arabica bean undergoes an attentive preparation process, whereby the ripe cherries are quickly transported to their mills once harvested, and their pulp is then fermented and washed off, resulting in the typical sweet characteristics of the bean. Our mild and complex Mocha Java displays a delicious flavour combination of fruit, chocolate and spiciness that produces a superb, well balanced cup of coffee, ideal for filter or cafetiere.

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